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Stainless steel slides are currently a very popular product, and can be observed in an increasing number of locations. Steel slides are particularly used in playgrounds and amusement parks, but also in buildings as additional emergency exits, or in shopping centers or hotels as an eye-catching attraction. A great solution is also a metal slide on a slope in a park, adapted to the existing terrain conditions.

Our stainless steel slides are characterized by long life. With proper execution and maintenance, even after many years of use, they still look like new! An exhausted steel slide can be refreshed to remove scratches and renew its appearance.

Stainless steel slides made by our team can take on even the most unusual shapes according to the clients’ needs. DEINOX’s designers are able to adjust our products to the existing architecture or terrain conditions. Stainless steel slides fit almost everywhere!

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5-year warranty
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Many shapes of slides
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Our offer of stainless steel slides and tunnels.

We carry out individual slide projects, but we also offer ready-made products.

Double wall slides

Tunnel Slide

Tube and tunnel slides

Zjeżdżalnia rynnowa

Scoop slides

Playground tunnels and playground tubes - stainless steel

Playground tunnels

Metal slides – DEINOX

We are a team of professionals with years of experience gained in both domestic and foreign companies. We are a group of people who share family traditions, passion, and a love for steel structures.

We specialize in the production of stainless steel slides and playground tunnels. Our offer includes various types of metal slides: traditional slides, scoop slides, and tube slides. Additionally, we offer slides in different shapes such as straight, spiral, wave, and brachistochrone, which is a curve representing the fastest possible descent.

Our top priority is the safety of users, which is why DEINOX products are made in accordance with the PN-EN 1176-3:2017-12 standard.

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