Extraordinary structures for full of emotions experiences

Large, huge, and gigantic slides bring great excitement for both children and adults. Thanks to innovative technological solutions, individual designs, and a wide range of models, our slides meet the expectations of the most demanding customers and attract crowds to playgrounds, amusement parks, or recreational areas.

Get carried away and discover a world full of impressions that our large, huge, and gigantic stainless steel slides offer!

Bezpieczeństwo dużych i gigantycznych zjeżdżalni

Safety and quality – the most important aspect of tall slides

Safety standards

Our slides and tunnels are manufactured in accordance with applicable safety standards. We provide safe slides, adapted to the age and skills of users. We also guarantee the proper strength and stiffness of the slides to avoid displacements or vibrations during use.

High-quality materials

As a company with experience in the industry, we are well aware of how important it is to choose the right raw materials to provide our customers with products that meet the highest standards, especially when it comes to designing big, huge, and gigantic slides.

Quality control process

Our slides are thoroughly inspected for safety, both during the manufacturing process and after assembly on site. This ensures that our slides are safe for users and meet the expectations of our customers.

Most frequently chosen types of large slides

Duże zjeżdżalnie kręte
Curved slides

Curved slides are a great solution for lovers of dynamic fun. With their smooth yet unpredictable bends, they provide endless emotions while remaining safe for users.

Ogromne zjeżdżalnie proste
Straight slides

Straight slides are often chosen for their direct, straight trajectory, which allows for a quick descent. The simplicity of their design makes them easy to maintain and provides reliable fun for many years.

Individual projects of spectacular custom-made slides


Our consultations with clients are not only the basis, but also the driving force behind the creation of our gigantic slides. At DEINOX, a team of experts builds close relationships with clients, ensuring a deep understanding of their unique needs and expectations.

This personalized collaboration allows us to design tailor-made, creating individual, environment-fitting slide projects that will satisfy even the most demanding users.

Our priority is to realize the dreams of clients, so we create slides that are not only spectacular and attractive but also guarantee the highest standards of safety, durability, and functionality.

Our large slide realizations

We have a lot of large slide projects behind us. These slides provide joy and excitement for people of all ages in many places around the world. We invite you to browse our portfolio to see how our slides fit into various locations.

Implementation Process: How are DEINOX large slides created?

Creating large DEINOX slides is a process that combines precision, creativity, and commitment from our team. We carry out several key steps in every project:

Proces projektowania dużych zjeżdżalni

Why should you choose us?

We handle the entire slide implementation process!

Individual slide projects

We create tailored slide projects that take into account the needs and requirements of the client.

Various technological solutions

We adapt slides to terrain conditions and provide maximum comfort and safety for users.

Production and assembly

We produce slides in our plant in Poland, and at the request of our clients, we can install them at the destination.

Documentation and technical drawings

We provide complete documentation and technical drawings to enable proper assembly, maintenance, and use of the slide.

Declarations of conformity

We issue declarations of conformity that confirm that the slides meet all standards and safety requirements.

Complete instructions

We provide a set of instructions aimed at ensuring safe and effective use of the slide.

Material attestations

We have material attestations that confirm the quality of the materials we use.

Long-term warranty

We provide a 5-year warranty on our slides, which gives our clients peace of mind and confidence that they are durable and high quality.