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What characterizes a scoop slide?

Scoop slides are also known as trough slides which are slides with a half tube cross section. Half tube slides are some of the most popular types of slides, enjoyed by both children and adults. Their attractiveness results primarily from the dynamic descent combined with perfect visibility, ensuring lots of fun for users. They are available in several variants, so they can be adapted to individual needs and user preferences.

The main feature of trough slides is the open construction that allows for observing the person using it. This allows family, parents or guardians to keep a constant eye on the children playing, while the kids enjoy an unrestricted view and plenty of positive impressions during the ride.

Half tube slides are suitable for installation in many different places, such as playgrounds, embankments, or buildings, which makes them very versatile.

An important feature of half tube slides is also their safety. Each element of the slide must be carefully thought out and made of durable and resistant materials to guarantee safe use for a long time. All models of single half tube slides undergo rigorous analysis and checks to meet the highest safety standards. Additional equipment elements that enhance safety are also important, such as a safety bar at the entrance to the slide or raised side walls on the curve of a twisty slide.

In summary, scoop slides are an ideal solution for everyone who values safe, yet exciting fun combined with a touch of adrenaline!

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Types of DEINOX half tube slides

Straight / Curved / Spiral / Wavy / Brachistochrone

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Straight Half-Round Slides

Straight half-round slides are a popular type of slide that is characterized by a straight descent line and a uniform width throughout its length. This construction allows for a fast and enjoyable movement downwards, making straight scoop slides ideal for both children and adults.

Wave Trough Slides

Wave trough slides are a type of slide that is characterized by a wavy descent. With their distinctive wave, these slides are not only visually attractive but also provide an interesting and unique form of sliding.

Brachistochrone Scoop Slides

Brachistochrone scoop slides are extremely dynamic and fast, making them ideal for people looking for strong sensations. This is a modern type of slide designed to provide users with an adrenaline rush!

Curved Scoop Slides

Curved scoop slides are a type of slide characterized by having at least one bend. Twists on slides add to their attractiveness, making curved half-round slides popular among users who are looking for interesting forms of sliding.

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Spiral Half Tube Slides

This is a unique type of slide characterized by a spiral shape. This design allows for brisk sliding, coupled with spinning around the slide’s spiral axis. As a result, more than one daredevil might get quite dizzy and certainly very pleased.

Half tube slides – who are they for?

Half tube slides are an attraction for children, adolescents, and adults alike! Due to the ability to choose the shape and size, it can be a form of entertainment for everyone!

Dziecko na odcinku zjeżdżalni rynnowej w parku zabaw
Half Round Slides for Children

Half tube slides are an excellent attraction for children, allowing them to develop their physical skills, creativity, and imagination. Half-round slides for children are not only a great way to have fun, but also to promote healthy child development. Thanks to a variety of shapes and forms, scoop slides allow the development of dexterity, motor coordination, and spatial orientation. While playing on slides, children also learn to cope in difficult situations and overcome their own limitations, which positively influences their emotional and social development.

Half Tube Slides for Adults

Scoop slides provide great entertainment and an excellent way to relax and escape from everyday life – they are designed in such a way to provide maximum sensations and emotions. Half-tube slides are a perfect choice for those who want to have some thrills and a bit of entertainment. It is also a great form of physical activity that positively affects condition and well-being. Therefore, if you are looking for an interesting and unusual form of entertainment, trough slides are an excellent choice.

Where are trough slides best suited?

Trough slides are a universal solution that works well in many places, being a great complement to them. Here are some of them:


Scoop slides are a great proposal for any playground, both outdoor and indoor. Our products are solid, safe, and made of the highest quality materials, so they will serve for many years.

City parks

Half-round slides are a great attraction for families spending time in city parks. Installing our slides in parks will attract more users and make spending time outdoors even more enjoyable.

Schools and kindergartens

Children love playing on slides, so installing a scoop slide on the school or kindergarten premises will be a great idea. Our slides meet all safety standards, which is particularly important in the case of educational facilities.

Holiday resorts and hotels

Installing a single trough slide at a holiday resort or hotel can attract more customers by providing attractions for the whole family. Our slides are durable and weather-resistant, making them ideal for outdoor use as well as indoors.

Slopes and areas with a difference in height

Trough slides can be a great solution for slopes and areas with a noticeable height difference. We can customize the slide to a specific location, using the natural terrain to create an attractive and safe play area. A slide on a slope can also serve as an element connecting different terrain levels, adding aesthetic and functional value to green spaces.

Custom scoop slides production


As experts in the design and production of scoop slides, we offer assistance in choosing and creating a slide that matches the vision and expectations of the customer. We thoroughly analyze each case for feasibility, paying particular attention to user safety and the best possible functionality of the device. Our half-round slides are precisely matched to a specific location, allowing for full use of the available space.

We care about the highest quality of execution and only use certified steel in production, which means our trough slides will serve for many years. If you are interested in our proposal, please contact us to discuss your individual project of a trough slide!

Specification of DEINOX scoop slides

Below we present the most important information and most commonly used technical parameters in our ready-made projects of scoop slides. However, remember that in the case of individual projects, we can implement unique solutions for you! Check out what we can create just for you!

  • Slide width: from 600mm to 650mm
  • Type of material: Stainless steel 1.4301 or (on request) 1.4401
  • Sheet thickness: From 2mm to 2.5mm
  • Minimum starting height: 1000mm
  • Maximum starting height: 2500mm
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: 5 years
  • Declaration of conformity with the standard: Yes
  • Set of instructions: Yes
  • Safety certificate: On request

Our scoop slides realizations

Take a look at our previous installations of half tube slides! In our extensive portfolio, you will find various types of trough slides that we have installed on playgrounds, in buildings, or on charming slopes.

Why should you choose us?

We deal with the entire process of implementing slides

Individual slide designs

We create custom slide designs that take into account the needs and requirements of the client.

Different technological solutions

We adapt slides to terrain conditions and ensure maximum comfort and safety for users.

Production and assembly

We manufacture slides at our plant in Poland, and at the request of our customers, we can install them at the destination.

Documentation and technical drawings

We provide full documentation and technical drawings to enable proper assembly, maintenance, and use of the slides.

Declarations of conformity

We issue declarations of conformity that confirm that the slides meet all standards and safety requirements.

Complete set of instructions

We offer a complete set of instructions aimed at ensuring safe and effective use of the slides.

Material certificates

We have material certificates that confirm the quality of the materials we use.

Long-term warranty

We provide a 5-year warranty on our slides, which gives our customers peace of mind and certainty that they are durable and high quality.

FAQ – Scoop slides – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and answers about scoop slides

To get a quote for our slides, you have two options – fill out a quote form or contact us by phone or email. We need data such as the start height, type and preferred shape of the slide to prepare a detailed offer. Additional information about the installation site will also be helpful. The more information you provide, the more accurate the quote will be. Use our quote form or contact us directly.

Our headquarters and the place of production of our half-round slides is located in Poland, in the town of Kruszyn Krajeński, at Żytnia 2 Street. Here we design and manufacture our slides. Our production facility is equipped with the necessary equipment, allowing comprehensive creation of slides.

To keep scoop slides in good condition, we recommend regular inspections and servicing. The condition of the construction elements should be checked, any possible mechanical damages that could affect the safety of users and the condition of bolted connections should be inspected. Regular cleaning of slides from dirt, such as sand, dust or leaves, using gentle detergents to avoid damaging the surface, is also important.

All our slides and playground tunnels comply with the PN-EN 1176 standard. However, for devices installed on the premises of institutions under the Ministry of National Education, a certificate from an accredited certifying unit is required. If necessary, we will be happy to help the customer in organizing the certification process for the slide.

We can deliver our half tube slides to every corner of the globe. We have carried out many projects in various countries, such as Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia or Ireland. We are constantly expanding our offer and strengthening our presence in international markets to meet the expectations of customers around the world. Thanks to our experience, we can effectively implement projects on every continent, meeting all safety and quality standards.

The waiting time for a single half tube slide can vary depending on the workload of production, the size of the order and the transport time. It usually takes from 4 to 8 weeks from the moment of placing the order, but it can be extended for larger or non-standard projects. For precise information on the current waiting time for a specific single half-round slide model, please contact us.

The surface required for the installation of a scoop slide mainly depends on the dimensions of the device. Usually, the required area is from several to several tens of square meters, depending on the type and height of the slide. Before starting the installation, it is worth consulting with our specialists.

The installation time of a slide depends on many aspects, such as the size of the slide, the installation site, the type of ground or access to the area – therefore, the installation time can last from one to several days. The final assembly time is determined for each project individually.

Our scoop slides are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel, making them more durable than those made from synthetic materials. This is possible thanks to the considerable strength of this raw material. However, proper care and regular maintenance are crucial for keeping the slide in good condition and safe to use for a long time. Special attention should be paid to maintaining cleanliness. From our side, we provide a long-term warranty and offer full technical support and service in case of any problems or failures.

To answer this question, we need more information about your needs and requirements. Here are some factors worth considering:

  • Slide use – will it be used by children, teenagers, or adults? Depending on the age group of users, different models of slides may be suitable.
  • Installation location – slides can be mounted on playgrounds, in parks, on slopes, or inside buildings. The type of slide will depend on the terrain characteristics or any requirements regarding the specific location of the starting and ending point of the slide.
  • Slide dimensions – the starting height, length, and shape of the slide will depend on the available space and your preferences.
  • Budget – different slide models have different prices, it’s worth considering how much you want to spend on a slide and what your expectations are in terms of its functionality.

We encourage you to contact us so that we can help you choose the right model of half-round slide, best suited to your needs and expectations.

In the case of trough slides, installed on slopes and having contact with the ground along their entire length, the mounting height will generally not have a major impact on the safety of users. However, for open slides such as half-tube slides, where the free fall height exceeds 2.5m (or 2m if the starting part is easily accessible), the standard PN-EN 1176-3:2017-12 provides for the use of side barriers of no less than 50cm in height.

Nevertheless, in our catalogue of ready-made designs for single scoop slides, we only offer devices where the free fall height does not exceed 2.5m. Aware of the unpredictability of children, we realize that in the case of significant heights, the safest slides are definitely those with a closed cross-section. For this reason, in such situations we recommend our clients to consider choosing a tube slide.