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We are a stainless steel slide manufacturer located in Poland.

Deinox – global slide manufacturer

As a specialized stainless steel slide manufacturer based in Kruszyn Krajenski, we were founded in 2019 and operate as a family business passionate about innovative solutions in the field of slides and tunnels.

We export and install our unique slides all over the world. As a slide manufacturer, we offer a full range of services from design to installation at the destination.

Our production of slides is distinguished by quality and professionalism. Our mission is to deliver joy to users, which we achieve through diligent work and attention to detail.

We specialize in creating custom, diverse slides. We do not limit ourselves to offering one standard product – we believe that every place deserves its unique attraction.

In addition to popularizing stainless steel slides, we are continuously increasing our production capabilities to meet the growing market demand. Choosing us as your slide manufacturer, you receive a guarantee of quality and reliability.

Ogromne zjeżdżalnie proste
Duża zjeżdżalnia spiralna
Duże zjeżdżalnie kręte
Zjeżdżalnia wielotorowa z krzywą brachistochrona - freefall
Zjeżdżalnie wielotorowe proste
Szerokie zjeżdżalnie
Zjeżdżalnia rynnowa
Zjeżdżalnia burtowa wielotorowa
Zjeżdżalnia rurowa / tunelowa spiralna
Zjeżdżalnia burtowa
Ogromne zjeżdżalnie proste

Safety and quality: our priority as a slide manufacturer

For all our slides and tunnels, we issue declarations of conformity with the EN 1176 standard. For devices installed on the premises of public schools or kindergartens, we assist in organizing the certification process conducted by an accredited certifying body. The certification process is usually preceded by a post-installation check.

A key aspect that influences the quality of our products is the experience of our staff in working with stainless steel. Our slides undergo detailed inspection at the design stage, and then also during the production process.

All our products are designed and manufactured in accordance with the EN 1176 standards group, and at the request of our customers, we also adapt our slides to American standards.

DEINOX slides and tunnels offer

DEINOX slides and tunnels stand out for their excellent quality, durability, and innovative design. Regardless of the project type or individual preferences, we have the perfect solution for you.

Double wall slides

Stainless steel tunnel / tube slide for a playground.

Tube and tunnel slides

Zjeżdżalnia rynnowa

Scoop slides

playground tunnels - stainless steel tunnel for playground - steel tunnels for playgrounds - playground tunnel across the hill

Playground crawling tunnel

Wide range of our slides

We invite you to explore our diverse selection of slides and tunnels. Choose the product that interests you.

Main offer

Shape of slides

Puropose of slides

Slide manufacturer – custom projects

We specialize in designing and manufacturing slides, creating projects that are tailored to the tastes and requirements of each client. We are always open to all suggestions and unusual ideas concerning the execution of slides. Contact us and let us know what matters most to you!

Our projects

As a slide manufacturer, we know our craft well. See our projects that have met customer expectations around the world. Our slides and tunnels set new standards in entertainment and provide unforgettable experiences!

FAQ – DEINOX Slide Manufacturer

Frequently asked questions and answers

Yes, we carry out slide projects all over the world. In our history, we have completed many projects in various countries (including Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Ireland, and many others). We strive to continuously develop our offer and increase our presence in global markets to offer our slides to customers worldwide. Our experience allows us to effectively implement projects on every continent and meet the requirements for safety and quality standards.

The waiting time for a slide depends on many factors, such as the current production load, the size of the order, and the transportation time. Usually, the waiting time is from 4 to 8 weeks from the order acceptance. However, for orders of a larger number of slides or custom projects, the waiting time may be extended. Please contact us for precise information about the current waiting time for a specific tunnel slide model.

Yes, as a manufacturer, we issue a declaration of conformity with the PN-EN 1176 standard for all our slides and playground tunnels. However, for devices installed on the premises of institutions under the Ministry of National Education, a certificate issued by an accredited certifying body is required. At the customer’s request, we are ready to assist in organizing such a certification process for slides.

To get a quote for a slide, you can fill out our quote form or contact us by phone or email. Usually, we need information such as the starting height of the slide, the type of slide, and the preferred shape. Information about the installation site, such as available space or access, is also welcome – the more details you provide us, the more accurate the quote you will receive. We prefer to use our quote form or direct contact with us.

With proper use and regular maintenance, our slides and tunnels usually last for decades. The lifespan is primarily decided by the quality of the materials used and the quality of workmanship but also by the conditions and manner of operation, regularity of maintenance, and the number of users.

We make our slides and tunnels using stainless steel, which is a material of high durability and has a longer lifespan than plastic. This has a significant impact on the durability of our slides.

However, it is worth remembering that the use of stainless steel tube/tunnel slides requires some care and regular maintenance to ensure their longevity. Keeping the inside of the tubes and tunnels clean and regularly cleaned is especially important. In case of any problems or defects, our company offers technical support and service.