Multi-lane slides – collective excitement and competition!

Multi-lane slides are an excellent solution for playgrounds and amusement parks, providing simultaneous fun for a larger number of people.

  • Thanks to them, children learn healthy competition, cooperation, and make new friends. Made of durable stainless steel, our slides meet the highest quality and safety standards, suitable for various age groups.
  • We offer a wide range of individual projects, from simple multi-lane slides for preschool children, to advanced structures for older children seeking greater excitement.

Choose multi-lane slides for your playground and provide unforgettable moments of joy for children!

Types of multi-lane slides

Multi-lane DEINOX slides are available in many types, depending on individual needs and preferences. Each of these slide types can be customized in size and shape to perfectly fit a specific space.

Important! Our slides can have any (unlimited) number of lanes and each lane can have any offered shape!

Zjeżdżalnie wielotorowe proste
Straight multi-lane slides
Zjeżdżalnia burtowa wielotorowa
Wavy multi-lane slides
Zjeżdżalnia wielotorowa z krzywą brachistochrona - freefall
Brachistochrone curve multi-lane slides
Mixed multi-lane slides
Zjeżdżalnia burtowa wielotorowa

Why choose our multi-lane slides?

More fun in one place

Multi-lane slides allow simultaneous fun for a larger number of people.

Common competition

Thanks to multi-lane slides, children can compete, learning healthy competition.

Social integration

Playing on multi-lane slides promotes making new friends and strengthening bonds between children.

Great choice

In DEINOX you can choose the type of slide, number of lanes, and additional features and solutions.

Multi-lane slides tailored to your space!


We understand that each space is unique and requires an individual approach. Multi-lane DEINOX slides are the perfect solution for those looking for attractions that can be adapted to specific requirements and conditions.

Our multi-lane slides can be custom designed and manufactured to fit any space – a large amusement park, shopping center, playroom, hotel, or private residence. Thanks to flexible design and a wide range of options, we can adjust the size, shape, number of lanes and color scheme of the slides to perfectly fit your place.

DEINOX guarantees that every multi-lane slide is not only adapted to your space but also meets the highest safety and durability standards. Contact us to learn more about customizing our multi-lane slides for your place.

Custom multi-lane slides

Check out DEINOX slide implementations! We have many realizations behind us, both multi-lane and other types of slides.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions for multi-lane slides

Do you have questions about our multi-lane slides? Contact us!

Yes, DEINOX multi-lane slides are designed with safety in mind and comply with all applicable safety standards.

Yes, multi-lane slides can be customized to individual requirements and spatial capabilities of a given place.

No, although multi-lane slides are often found in large spaces, such as amusement parks or shopping centers, they can also be installed in smaller spaces, using lower start platforms.

The dimensions of the space needed to install a multi-lane slide depend on the size of the slide itself. Contact us and our team will be happy to advise you on the appropriate size.