DEINOX indoor slides perfect for any space!

The indoor slides we offer come in various types – tube/tunnel, scoop, and double wall slides. Their diversity allows us to customize them to specific needs and expectations.

Thanks to their universal design, our indoor slides can be installed in various settings – from private homes and commercial spaces to large entertainment centers. No matter the location, they guarantee unforgettable experiences and long hours of fun.

At DEINOX, we provide our customers with slides that exceed standard expectations. Our indoor slides are not only functional but also aesthetically designed, making them an ideal addition to any space.

Whether you’re looking to diversify a children’s space or want to invest in an attraction that will attract more customers, our indoor slides are the perfect solution!

Types of indoor slides

DEINOX indoor slides are available in several types, depending on individual needs and preferences. Each of these slide types can be customized in size and shape to perfectly fit a specific space.

Indoor slides come in various forms – they can be curved, waved, multi-track, straight, spiral, or even freefall slides (have the shape of a brachistochrone curve). Explore the full range of available slides to find the design that best meets your expectations!

Zjeżdżalnia wewnętrzna do prywatnych i publicznych

Where do indoor slides fit best?

DEINOX indoor slides are a great addition to various spaces and fulfill many functions.

Private homes and public places

They’re perfect for private homes, providing an excellent playground for children and a unique decorative element. They’re also a great solution for public places – kindergartens, schools, shopping centers, restaurants, or hotels. An indoor slide can become the main attraction, attracting both younger and older customers.

Companies, offices, and commercial places

In addition, indoor slides are an ideal choice for companies and offices. They can provide an interesting relaxation element, adding a bit of fun to the work environment, which will surely be appreciated by employees.

Wherever you choose to install a DEINOX indoor slide, you can be sure that it will bring joy, excitement, and unforgettable experiences!

Dziecko zjeżdża na zjeżdżalni na placu zabaw

Safety of DEINOX indoor slides

The safety of users, both adults and children, is our top priority. DEINOX indoor slides are designed and built according to the highest safety standards.

Quality control and tests

Each of our slides is thoroughly tested and checked for safety before being delivered to the customer. Smooth surfaces, without sharp edges, and safe slide ends ensure safe and comfortable play.

Easy to maintain and operate

Additionally, our slides are designed to be easy to operate and maintain. Regular inspections and maintenance are key to maintaining safety in use, and we provide clear instructions on how to care for slides to ensure they serve safely for many years.

Safety and joy from using our slides go hand in hand at DEINOX. With DEINOX, you can be sure that you are getting a top-quality product that will provide many hours of safe and exciting fun.

Individual indoor slide designs


At DEINOX, we understand that each space is unique, so we create individual designs of indoor slides. Our team develops slides that perfectly fit a given space, while also meeting all safety and functionality requirements.

Whether it is a large or smaller space – we are able to design and manufacture a slide that will exceed your expectations in terms of aesthetics and fun.

Implementations of indoor slides

At DEINOX, we are proud of each realized indoor slide. Our projects enliven homes, offices, and even shopping centers, creating a space full of fun and emotions.

For us, there are no two identical slides – each is unique, just like the place for which it is intended. Check out our implementations and see what transformation our indoor slide can bring to your space!

FAQ – Indoor slides

Check the most frequently asked questions for indoor slides

Yes, indoor slides can be installed in various places in the building, provided that the space is of sufficient size and meets all safety requirements. Everything depends on the individual project and the client’s needs.

Space requirements depend on the size and type of the slide. The space must be of sufficient size to accommodate the slide and provide a safe landing for users. Our specialists can help assess the space and suggest the most suitable size and type of slide.

Yes, at DEINOX we offer a comprehensive slide design service that takes into account the individual requirements and expectations of the customer. We can adjust the size, shape, and style of the slide to any space.

We use stainless steel to produce our indoor slides. This material is not only durable and long-lasting, but also easy to clean and safe for users.

Yes, stainless steel is completely safe for users and easy to clean. It does not contain any harmful substances and is resistant to bacteria, making it an ideal material for indoor slides.

Indoor slides made of stainless steel are easy to maintain. Regular cleaning with a soft cloth and mild detergent is enough to keep them in good condition. For stronger stains, you can use specialist cleaners for stainless steel or ask us for advice on mechanical cleaning.

Yes, all our indoor slides are covered by a warranty. Details about the length of the warranty period and what is included in it can be found in our warranty terms or you can ask our customer service team directly.