Evacuation Slides – A Modern Safety Feature!

Evacuation slides are an element that can save lives in case of danger. Our company specializes in the production of external tube slides, which can successfully serve as an additional exit from the building.

We offer many types of slides – straight, twisted, and spiral, which are perfect for evacuating people from buildings. Find out why evacuation slides are increasingly chosen by developers and architects!

Advantages of Slides as Evacuation Tools

Evacuation slides are not only a safety feature but also an innovative solution that offers many advantages. Here are some of them:

Additional Application

Evacuation slides can be used not only in dangerous situations but can also be used daily – for example, as a faster way to move between floors.

Speed and Convenience

Evacuation slides allow for quick and convenient exit from the building in case of danger. They allow you to avoid troublesome stairs and evacuate in a quicker and more comfortable way.

Ease of Installation

Evacuation slides can be easily installed in various places, without requiring large financial outlays or renovation work. They can be installed in many places where there is a need for quick evacuation.

Energy Efficiency

Compared to the traditional communication path (e.g., staircase), which must be heated in the winter, the slide is an energy-efficient evacuation alternative, as it does not need to be heated. Meanwhile, the entrance to the evacuation slide can be located, for example, in a window opening, which, when tightly closed, will eliminate the problem of heat loss from the building.

Safety and Durability

Evacuation slides are made of materials with high resistance to mechanical damage, which ensures safety during their use.

Types of Evacuation Slides – Which to Choose?

In our offer, you will find various types of evacuation slides, which differ in shape, size, and method of installation. Depending on your needs, we propose straight, curved, or spiral slides. We are able to design evacuation slides tailored to a specific place and building – both for large spaces and smaller buildings.

Where are Evacuation Slides Best Used?

Evacuation slides can be installed in various places, including public buildings such as hospitals, universities, office buildings, hotels, or shopping centers.

They can also be installed in residential buildings, especially in apartment blocks with many floors. This way, in case of danger, residents will have a quick and safe way to leave the building.

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Custom design and production of evacuation slides


Designing and manufacturing evacuation slides is a process that requires knowledge, experience, and the highest standards. Our company has the necessary competencies in this field and an advanced machine park, thanks to which we create slides that meet the individual requirements of our clients.

We design and manufacture custom-made evacuation slides that are tailored to a specific building. We only use the best materials and technologies to ensure the highest quality of our products.

Installation and Maintenance of Evacuation Slides – What is Worth Knowing?

Installation and maintenance of evacuation slides are key stages that affect their safety and durability.

Our company offers comprehensive services related to slide installation, including site preparation for installation, assembly, and testing. We also offer slide maintenance services, including technical inspections, repairs, and modernizations.

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Implementations – see why you should choose us!

Our company can boast numerous implemented slide projects for companies, schools, medical facilities, and other institutions and public utility buildings.