Spiral Slides – Slide down the Spiral of Joy!

If you’re looking for information or a manufacturer of spiral slides, you’ve come to the right place! We are a leading manufacturer of stainless steel spiral slides. Here you will find information about the design and production of twisted slides as well as the benefits of investing in spiral slides!

Spiral slides are the most advanced structures we offer – they provide users with a hefty dose of adrenaline and awe with their spectacular appearance!

If you’re looking for a steel spiral slide for your facility – contact us and we will help you design and install a slide tailored to you!

What characterizes spiral slides?

Spiral slides are characterized by a twisted descent track that creates a spiral effect. These slides are gaining popularity not only in playgrounds, but also in shopping centers, hotels, office buildings, and even on private properties (holiday homes) or inside school and kindergarten buildings.

Spiral slides are designed with the safety of children in mind while also providing exceptional sliding experiences. Thanks to their shape, these slides allow for a longer descent time, which translates into greater attractiveness for children.

Additionally, the spiral adds an element of surprise as children cannot see the entire slide path at once, which makes them more eager to use this type of slide.

Zjezdżalnia spiralna rurowa na placu zabaw

Types of Spiral Slides

We produce two types of slides that allow for a spiral descent!

Zjeżdżalnia rurowa / tunelowa
Tunnel / Tube Spiral Slides
Zjeżdżalnia rynnowa
Scoop Spiral Slides

Advantages of DEINOX Spiral Slides

Spiral slides are designed for people of all ages!

Zjeżdżalnia spiralna
Attractive to Everyone

Spiral slides attract the attention of children and adults, thanks to their unique shape and longer slide time, making them more attractive than regular straight slides.

Aesthetics and Spectacular Appearance

Spiral slides have a unique appearance that adds modernity and aesthetics to playgrounds, office buildings or shopping malls. They can also be customized in terms of color and design to perfectly fit into the environment, as well as equipped with numerous accessories, such as a translucent tube roof or start-stop system.


Compared to long straight slides, spiral slides take up less space, which allows for a more effective use of the area. The space saving in the case of spirals is particularly noticeable when the height of the slide is significant.

Small and Large Spirals

Spiral slides can be designed and adjusted to different heights, which allows their installation on structures of various sizes and specifics. Gutter spiral slides are mainly used for lower platforms, while spiral tube slides, due to the enclosed cross-section ensuring safety, work at any height.

Where is the Helical Slide Best Suited?

Spiral slides are versatile structures that work in various places. Here are some examples of where spiral slides are best suited:


Spiral slides are an excellent addition to playgrounds, both small and large. Due to their attractiveness to children, they attract more users and increase the recreational value of the place.

Parks and Squares

Spiral slides can be an interesting element of landscape architecture in city parks, squares, and boulevards. They add modernity and functionality to public spaces, providing children with a place to play. The carefully and aesthetically finished external surface of a stainless spiral slide works perfectly in the setting of urban greenery.

Shopping Centers

Spiral slides can be a great element of the play area for children in shopping centers. With their appearance and attractiveness, they encourage spending time in the center, which can help increase customer traffic.

Sports and Recreation Facilities

Steel spiral slides can be installed near sports fields, swimming pools or outdoor gyms, creating an additional attraction for children accompanying their parents during training or competitions.

Hotels and Resorts

Twisted metal slides can be an interesting element in the offer of hotels, resorts and all kinds of tourist facilities. They provide an additional activity for children during their stay, which in turn contributes to the satisfaction of parents.

Custom Spiral Slides

Contact us to receive an individual offer for a twisted slide that meets your expectations.


DEINOX is a leader in the design, production, and assembly of stainless steel spiral slides. Our company has many years of experience and extensive expert knowledge, which translates into the high quality of our products and services.

We are proud of our reputation as a manufacturer of reliable, safe, and attractive spiral slides, which enjoy great recognition both domestically and abroad.

What are the requirements for Spiral Slides?

When choosing the right place for a spiral slide, we must remember about a few important aspects. However, you do not have to worry about it! As experts, we will advise you and take care of all the requirements that you need to meet to install a slide on your property!

Required Space

The space should be large enough to accommodate the entire structure – however, spiral slides have the advantage that the distance from the edge of the starting platform to the most protruding point of the slide is usually smaller in their case than in the case of slides of other shapes. Therefore, at high starting heights, spiral slides usually require less space for installation than other slides.

Advanced Assembly

It should be kept in mind that the assembly of spiral slides often requires a lift, as the individual elements of the slide can weigh even over 200kg.

Stable Foundations

Another key element is the execution of stable foundations in accordance with recommendations and applicable building regulations. We make sure that we have access to the necessary tools and equipment, as well as a qualified assembly team with experience in working with this type of structures.

Safety Requirements

Throughout the entire assembly process, we adhere to all applicable regulations, standards, and guidelines regarding safety on playgrounds. We monitor and correct any deviations of the slide from the level and check whether there are any objects in the safety zone of the device that could pose a danger.

Implementations of Spiral Slides

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our implementations of spiral slides. The photo gallery presents twisted slides that have been made by our company. Each spiral slide is adapted to the individual needs and requirements of the client.

Frequently Asked Questions about Spiral Slides

Frequently asked questions and answers about spiral slides

Spiral slides offer a unique ride experience, thanks to their curved shape. They provide a longer slide time, which enhances the joy of play and also encourages children to be physically active. In addition, spiral slides take up less space than traditional slides of the same slide length.

The cost of purchasing and installing a spiral slide depends on many factors, but primarily on its height and type. To get an exact quote, contact us by phone, email, or use the quotation or contact form.

Spiral slides are suitable for both children of different ages and adults. For the youngest children, slides with a lower degree of complexity and smaller height are recommended.

Yes, we have so far implemented spiral slide projects in many countries. Our devices are already on 3 different continents and we have no plans to stop there.

Why should you choose us?

We deal with the entire process of implementing tunnel slides

Individual slide designs

We create tailored tunnel slide designs that take into account the needs and requirements of the client.

Different technological solutions

We adapt slides to terrain conditions and ensure maximum comfort and safety for users.

Production and assembly

We manufacture slides at our plant in Poland, and at the request of our customers, we can install them at the destination.

Documentation and technical drawings

We provide full documentation and technical drawings to enable proper assembly, maintenance, and use of the slides.

Declarations of conformity

We issue declarations of conformity that confirm that the slides meet all standards and safety requirements.

Complete set of instructions

We offer a complete set of instructions aimed at ensuring safe and effective use of the slides.

Material certificates

We have material certificates that confirm the quality of the materials we use.

Long-term warranty

We provide a 5-year warranty on our tunnel slides, which gives our customers peace of mind and certainty that they are durable and high quality.