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From a practical point of view, slides are one of the means of transport, corresponding to lifts, traditional or mobile stairs. They enable efficient traveling through their inside part. Slides provide people quickly, safely and elegantly to destinations, they are cheap to build and energy-efficient. They are also a tool that guarantees joy and a sudden adrenaline rush.


In many studies, it has been shown that in the majority of adults pleasure delivered through play can improve productivity in almost all work environments. Therefore, more and more employers take this research seriously. For this reason, employees can, if necessary, slide down between floors. The sense of freedom and the sudden change in perspective offered by the sliding experience can help refresh the tired mind and lead to inspiring thought breakthroughs that are only unreachable for people using stairs. We hope that this trend will last and soon the stainless steel slide will also appear in your company.


Contemporary slides made of stainless steel are designed in accordance with the times, keeping the futuristic design. More and more people in Europe, as well as in Poland, decide to mount a stainless steel slide in their own home. Made for a specific order, the individual design of a modern slide is crucial in the context of obtaining a structure tailored to the space available, emphasizing the beautiful interior design. Is there anyone who wouldn’t like to start the day by sliding down for a breakfast?
zjeżdżalnia rynna - zjeżdżalnia dla dzieci - zjeżdżalnia kręcona - zjeżdżalnie kręte

Functions of slides

The most stainless steel slides still have only an entertainment function. However, there are more and more ideas for these constructions and their use. An interesting idea is a multi-lane slide, in which one of the lanes has the shape of brachistochrone curve, and the other is straight. Except the providing lots of joy and an element of competition, it can also play an educational role.


Stainless steel slides are a product that can be seen in more and more places. Most of this type of construction is, of course, found on playgrounds, where for many generations they bring joy to our kids. Often the attractiveness of such places is determined by steel slides, which these days are able to achieve really impressive sizes and shapes. Stainless steel slides have great potential in terms of their length and shape, so the effects obtained as a result using it can be very diverse, depending on geometric conditions and the properties and purpose of the particular slide.
zjeżdżalnie tunelowe - zjeżdżalnia spiralna - zjeżdżalnia tubowa

Stainless steel slides

Our offer includes all kinds of stainless steel slides. From small, standard slides seen on playgrounds, through medium sized tubular and open slides with various shapes, to huge slides with a starting height reaching even above ten meters. Our slides are available in the indoor and outdoor version.

Our approach

We design, produce and advise the customer at every stage of cooperation. We help in the selection of: type of slide, technology used, finishing. We guarantee the highest quality, aesthetics and durability of our slides.

Categories of slides:

Playground slides

Zjeżdżalnia rynnowa

Scoop slides

Stainless steel tunnel / tube slide for a playground.

Tube and tunnel slides

Our offer contains also playground tunnels