Embankment slides – fun integrated into the landscape!

Welcome to our page dedicated to hill slides! Here you will find all the information you need about the design, production, and installation of terrain slides. We offer custom projects of steel slides adapted to the hill profile, ensuring not only great fun but also the safety of users.

We will also introduce you to the benefits of hill slides and the requirements for their installation. In the photo gallery, we present our previous earthscape slide implementations that will help you imagine what a hill slide will look like in your garden, park, or playground.

If you’re looking for unforgettable emotions and magnificent views, embankment slides are just for you! Contact us, and we will help you design and install the perfect slide for your terrain.

What are hill slides and what distinguishes them?

Hillside slides are special constructions that allow for a downhill ride. They are especially popular in playgrounds, city parks, or on various kinds of hills neighboring residential estates.

Mound slide can have varying lengths and inclinations, depending on the height of the embankment and the slope angle, but also the individual preferences of the client. Thanks to the application of special construction elements, our slope slides ensure not only plenty of fun but also safety when using them.

Zjeżdżalnie skarpowe DEINOX w parku

Types of hill slides

The terrain’s layout and the presence of objects that could potentially be obstacles have a significant impact on the possibilities of a slide project – its length, inclination, shape, or type. We produce 3 main types of terrain slides:


Embankment slides can take various shapes – straight, curved, with a wave, and even with a brachistochrone curve if the terrain allows it. Check out our other solutions and all types of slides we offer.

Benefits of mound slides

Versatile Use

Slope slides are a solution that allows integration of the playground with the natural environment or the creation of connections between play areas. Moreover, terrain slides enable optimal use of the terrain and allow for adding interesting elements to diversify the playground.

Terrain Use and Low Costs

Depending on the height of the slope, terrain slides can reach lengths from several to even several dozen meters. By using the natural topography, embankment slides do not require additional playground tower or platform structures, significantly reducing investment costs.

Weather Resistance

For terrain slides made of stainless steel, an additional advantage is their exceptional durability and resistance to weather conditions, which translates into their longevity.

Where are earthscape slides best suited?

Zjeżdżalnie skarpowe - rynnowe

Earthscape slides are primarily dedicated to places with naturally varied terrain. As the name suggests, earthscape slides can be mounted on all kinds of slopes, hillsides, mounds, and elevations, where the natural inclination of the terrain can be used to create interesting downhill paths. Slides can also be installed on artificially created slopes.

They will be perfect in places such as parks, recreational, and tourist areas. Hill slides will also work well in forested areas, where you can combine descents with the natural landscape, providing unforgettable experiences for users. In mountainous areas, terrain slides can be used as an alternative return route on mountain trails, significantly shortening the journey time.

Additionally, hill slides are an excellent solution for playgrounds, where they can be integrated with other elements, such as swings or ladders, creating a comprehensive play space.

DEINOX – Custom design of embankment slides


The design and production of hill slides is a process that requires appropriate knowledge and experience. Our company is engaged in the design and production of hillside slides, which are tailored to the individual requirements and preferences of the client. As part of the design of embankment slides, we take into account, among other things, the hill gradient, the length of the slide, and safety requirements.

During the production of our mound slides, we pay special attention to the meticulous quality of workmanship. This, combined with the use of sturdy material, such as stainless steel, makes them resistant to damage and ensures long-term use.

To create a design of a slide suitable for a given hill, it is necessary to initially determine the terrain sculpture. For this purpose, you can provide us, for example, a map with contour lines, a dimensioned cross-sectional drawing of the mound, or a hand sketch showing the profile of the hill and its basic dimensions – height, length, and inclination. Photos of the terrain, taken from different perspectives, can also be useful at the stage of designing a slope slide. The more accurate data we receive, the more precisely we will be able to make a design of a terrain slide for you, adapted to your hill.

The angle of descent of the earthscape slide proposed by us usually oscillates in the range of 30-35 degrees. If the hill is too gentle, we recommend considering its modernization to achieve an appropriate hill angle, as it has a significant impact on the functionality of the device itself.

What are the requirements for installing slides on slopes?

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At DEINOX, we provide comprehensive customer service, including the installation of slides on the hill. The valuation of the assembly of a mound slide is made by us individually, based on a number of different factors. The execution time and the cost of installing hillside slides depend on the individual conditions of a given place, such as the slope gradient, type of soil, the possibility of free access of heavy machines to the assembly place, or the availability of equipment and tools.

Mound slides usually occur as free-standing structures, in which all supports are anchored in the ground. There is also the possibility of equipping a terrain slide with fastening elements, allowing for installation to a platform / play tower located at the top of the hill.

During the installation of terrain slides on slopes, we pay special attention to the correct joining of elements and setting up a slide on the terrain, in order to eliminate possible deviations of the device from the vertical. This affects the safety of users and the durability of the construction. Our hill slides are installed by experienced specialists, who ensure not only solidity and professionalism, but also the aesthetics of the workmanship.

Safety during the use of embankment slides

Safety during the use of embankment slides is a matter of priority for us. Therefore, our embankment slides are designed and produced in accordance with the highest safety standards.

The design of the slide on the earthscape must be stable and durable to ensure the safety of users. In our slope slides, we use special elements that increase safety during their use. For example, our open scoop slides on earthscape are equipped with a safety bar at the entrance and raised side sills on bends. We help in the selection of the safest slide for a given terrain – we eliminate the danger associated with using slides at great heights.

Our realizations of earthscape slides

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our earthscape slide realizations. The portfolio presents terrain slides on hills, which have been made by our company. Each earthscape slide is adapted to the individual needs and requirements of the client.

FAQ – Embankment slides

Check the most frequently asked questions and answers to embankment slides

Yes, our earthscape slides have been designed with maximum user safety in mind. They have additional elements that enhance user safety. In addition, they are made of the highest quality materials, and they also comply with safety standards and regulations.

It depends – some slides are mounted on easy terrain, while others can be installed, for example, in the mountains, at difficult, high altitudes. Each assembly can differ, so we assess the terrain from this perspective already at the quotation stage.

Yes, embankment slides require regular maintenance to maintain their longevity and aesthetics – however, this is an easy process and mainly involves regular inspections and cleaning! More about maintenance can be found on a specific type of slide (double wall, scoop, tunnel).

Yes, we offer ready-made projects of slope slides, but mainly we customize projects to individual customer needs and terrain.

Yes! All the slides we produce are made of stainless steel, which is very durable – thanks to this our products are suitable for both children and adults!