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Disability without limits – Slides for people with disabilities

Slides for people with disabilities are an innovative solution that prioritizes accessibility and integration. Thanks to special design solutions, children and adults with various types of disabilities can enjoy these attractions without obstacles.

We ensure that every element is adapted to the needs of people with limited mobility, as well as for those with sensory or intellectual disabilities.

Our goal is to create a friendly space where everyone can have fun and share emotions, regardless of their limitations. We provide safety, comfort, and joy at every stage of using the slides for people with disabilities!

Unlimited possibilities of slides for people with disabilities

Wide and gentle descents

They allow safe use of the slides by people with limited mobility and those who use a wheelchair.

Flat, longer ending with an open side

To enable safe slowing down of the descent and transferring the disabled person from the slide to a wheelchair.

Wheelchair ramp

Thanks to appropriately profiled and positioned entrances to the slides, people using wheelchairs can freely get on the slide and join the fun.

Slides adapted for people with disabilities

  • Consultations with customers and disability specialists – before we start designing slides for people with disabilities, we conduct detailed consultations with customers and specialists in the field of disability. This allows us to understand the specific needs and requirements of each user, which translates into better solutions.
  • Designing slides with the needs of each user in mind – in the process of designing slides for people with disabilities, we ensure that diverse needs and limitations of users are taken into account. We create slides with amenities such as wheelchair ramps, gentle descents, and widened and extended endings, which enable people with various disabilities to enjoy the attraction.
  • Realizing customer dreams – our goal is to realize customer dreams and create slides that are accessible and attractive for everyone. Thanks to our experience, knowledge, and cooperation with experts, we are able to build slides that combine safety, functionality, and aesthetics, meeting the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Playground slides with the needs of people with disabilities in mind

High safety standards for everyone

User safety, especially when it comes to slides for people with disabilities, is our priority, so we apply high safety standards at every stage. We design and construct slides in accordance with current norms and regulations to ensure full safety for people with disabilities and other users.

High-quality materials that care about user comfort

We use top-quality materials, such as stainless steel, which ensures durability, aesthetics, and comfort of using the slide. We ensure that the materials used are environmentally friendly while meeting customer expectations in terms of quality and durability.

Careful quality control process

In our company, we apply a careful quality control process that includes both the design and production stage of the slides. We understand that slides for people with disabilities are specific, so we conduct analyses and checks that confirm the correctness of execution. Thanks to this, we can guarantee that every slide for people with disabilities meets the highest quality standards, and customers receive a product that will serve them for many years.

Contact us, and we will help you choose the right slide for your needs!

Our accomplishments

Each is unique, just like the place it is intended for. See what transformation our slides can bring to your space!

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about inclusive slides

Frequently asked questions about disabled slides

Yes, at DEINOX we make every effort to adapt our slides to the individual needs of each user. We understand that disability can take different forms and our design team is ready to work with customers to design a slide that will be tailored to their specific requirements.

Features that help make our slides accessible for people with disabilities include wide entrances and exits, an appropriate height above ground level for easy access, and a properly profiled descent. Additionally, all our slides are designed with easy access for wheelchairs in mind.

Yes, all our slides, including those designed for people with disabilities, meet safety standards. We always strive to provide the highest level of safety by adhering to all current norms and regulations.

DEINOX slides are designed to be easy to maintain. For slides adapted to the needs of people with disabilities, as for all our slides, we recommend regular cleaning of steel surfaces, checking fastening elements, and regular reviews to ensure safety and long-term use.